This Day in Wikileaks

April 15, 2014

This Day in Wikileaks

WikiLeaks News:
WikiLeaks cables on the two Indian prime minister candidates, Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Mori, have reentered the conversation as the election approaches.
WikiLeaks cables show that USAID’s subversion in Cuba is just the tip of the iceberg in Latin America, with cables showing their political subversion in Venezuela continued into the Obama Administration.
An article in ePress looks at WikiLeaks cables on Hovik Abrahamyan, who has been named as the new prime minister of Armenia. In one cable from 2009, an Armenian oligarch predicted Abrahamyan would be the next prime minister.

Chelsea Manning News:
The Army has rejected Chelsea Manning’s request for clemency and upheld the 35 year sentence. Her case will now automatically go the the Army Court of Criminal Appeals.
During a panel in Washington DC, Chelsea Manning’s new attorneys, alongside whistleblowers Thomas Drake and Mike German, spoke about the upcoming appeals process and condemned the use of the Espionage Act to punish whistleblowers.


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