What data journalism told us about #Ferguson

August 26, 2014

Simon Rogers

Data journalism in 2014 has taken a shift towards instant reporting: today it is about applying analysis and discovering data around events in the news as soon as they happen.

It’s been a week since the police shooting of unarmed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, what have we learned from data journalists about the events and issues behind the unrest which followed?

The first week of any news story is the time when data journalism can have the greatest impact. When people care about a story is the time to strike with the facts themselves. 

However, as of today none of the dedicated data journalism sites had Ferguson on their front pages, including 538, The Upshot and Guardian Data (which I used to edit). The startling exception is Vox, which has consistently covered the story in a comprehensive and informed way since it broke seven days ago but doesn’t yet have a…

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